Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rock n' Roll

5x5 inch oil on panel

I painted this from a wagon full of pumpkins ( hence the title ). I took the reference photo a few years ago when my boys were picking out their favorite one to decorate. I finally was brave enough to try and paint a bunch of pumpkins at once. Not very easy, but I can say I did it now. I was pleased with it when I slipped it into a little black frame.


  1. Hi Carol, lovely pumpkins. Isn't it nice of nature to give us so many things to paint. Every season has it's own treasures.

  2. SO beautifully painted, Carol. It sounds like wonderful memories went into this piece.

  3. The sweetest Pumpkin/Fall mini work
    that I have seen in a while!
    NICE Work!!!!!!


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