Monday, April 16, 2012


8x8 inch oil on board
Bid now on Daily Paintworks- starting bid $95! 

Just had a wonderful weekend at a workshop with artist Dreama Tolle Perry, so hence the title of this painting. Today I am dreaming of being in this painting and also thinking back to the wonderful weekend with so many wonderful artists.  Thanks Dreama, Ron and friends for a weekend I will never forget! I highly recommend Dreama's workshop! I learned a years worth of great info in a 3 day period. 
Dream a little in your home!


  1. Dreama's workshops are everything and then some. I have attended two and am still absorbing everything I learned. Your painting is beautiful. Glad you had such a good time.

  2. Love your painting, I wish I had made it to that workshop~! Just talked to Susan and she said, like you, that it was awesome~!

  3. Jerry, we all had a blast and Dreama's workshop. Hope I can retain what all I learned. Loved the transparent oils.

  4. Laine, we had a great time and wished you could have been there also. If you ever see she is coming to town again be sure and sign up quickly.


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