Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Heavenly Stream

8x10 inch oil on linen raymar canvas

Painted this from a beautiful photo a friend took on one of her hikes through Cumberland Mountain State Park. Loved the peaceful feel of the photo and wanted to add a painting to my water series. While painting I was reminded of what heaven must look like with all of the beautiful colors and the light streaming from God. I am currently reading the book Heaven is for Real which brought this vision to mind.


  1. Very beautiful, Carol.
    Carol B.

  2. This painting is indeed heavenly looking! I love the colors, brush work, and depth.

  3. This really is heavenly, love the light between the trees, like a way into the unknown.

  4. Thanks, ladies! I did not expect to leave the light so bright, but I kind of liked the effect.


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