Thursday, October 6, 2011

Plein Air Study - The Cheek Mansion

6 x 8 inch oil on canvas panel
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Another plein air study at Cheekwood this week. I loved the beautiful view of the back of the Cheek home. I was hidden halfway in a boxwood trying to hide from all of the people touring the grounds. I am still not feeling very secure about others looking at my paintings while I am painting. I painted to get the color key of the painting and then chickened out and came home and finished. Would love to someday paint this one bigger and try again. 

Liked this quote, since it seems I am jumping around on subject matter. :)
    embracing the diversity of human beings is a sure way to find true happiness
    Malcolm Gladwell - author of Blink


    1. Wow! brave you to paint while people are watching, not sure I'd like that. Lovely painting of an imposing subject, beautiful house.

    2. Carol you handle all those gray and cool neutrals soooo well. Landscape/Plein Air painting has never been something I do well--but I always become inspired to try again when I look at your paintings!! Keep 'em coming.

    3. Thanks so much Diana and Diane!! I admire both of you so much, it is an honor to have you compliment my attempt at plein air. I know both of you would be wonderful plein air artist.


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