Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mama's Girl

8x10 inch
Oil on linen canvas panel

Back to painting what I am most comfortable painting today. Love God's critters!! This sweet foal was sticking close to mom, hence the title. I purchased a Gorilla 6x8 thum box today to use on my plein air excursions. So excited to find the box at our local Jerry's Artarama, and then ordered the tripod from the Gorilla web site. I met Pam Padgett at the Cheekwood paintout, and she had just recently purchased this box and said she was loving how easy it is to travel with.


  1. Adorable one, Carol. I checkd out Pam's work too. Very nice.

  2. Beautiful, love the face of the foal.

  3. Ahh, so sweet! Beautiful painting!

  4. Oh I love this Carol! Such a sweet moment. And beautifully painted of course. :)

  5. Thanks, my sweet friends! I am anxious to see what you all will be painting this week. :) I have one on my easel to finish.

  6. What a sweet and beautiful painting Carol. You can just feel the tenderness between mother and foal.


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