Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plein Air Landscape Oil Paintings by Carol DeMumbrum

I so admire plein air artist and often go from blog to blog admiring their work. With the warmer weather and the beautiful flowers I am anxious to get out and do some more myself. The top two paintings were painted plein air last year, and the bottom was from a photo of our trip out west. A book that has been recommended by several artist is Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting. It is full of wonderful info, but I suggest taking notes as you read it. I am trying to go back and read my notes before I paint my next landscape. I was intrigued to read of all the colors in the sky, it talks about it resembling a large rainbow. I have made some new friends and some I have known for a while who belong to the Chestnut Group, a nonprofit alliance of landscape artists and friends dedicated to the conservation of wild and open spaces in Middle Tennessee. Kevin Menck and Kay Farrar are two friends in this group whose work I admire and follow, be sure and check them out. 

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  1. Really like your paintings from last year and look forward to seeing what you plein air paint this year. I love painting outside and can tell the benefits in the studio. Really like that book also- and Kevin McPhersons.

  2. I like your paintings, especially the one with the chair. I want to be there looking over the landscape beyond that shaded place. Nice job.

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing about the book. I'm always looking for good reference material for my art library!

  4. Thanks, ladies! So many storms lately I have not been out yet. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

  5. Thanks, Amanda!! Exciting to be picked for the EBSQ Friday Five!! Have a great week!


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